Publication Types:

On Fine-Grained Geolocalisation of Tweets and Real-Time Traffic Incident Detection

Journal Paper
Jorge David Gonzalez Paule, Yeran Sun, and Yashar Moshfeghi
Journal of Information Processing and Management
Publication year: 2018

Topic detection and tracking on heterogeneous information. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Journal Paper
Long Chen, Huaizhi Zhang, Joemon M Jose, Haitao Yu, Yashar Moshfeghi, Peter Triantafillou.
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
Publication year: 2017

A Game Theory Approach for Effective Crowdsource Based Relevance Assessment

Journal Paper
Yashar Moshfeghi, Alvaro F. H. Rosero, and Joemon M. Jose.
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 7(4), 55, 2016. (doi:10.1145/2873063)
Publication year: 2016